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Softline products includes clothing (shirt, dress, jeans, outerwear), footwear, home textiles (bed sheet, curtain, carpet) and medical textiles, school uniforms etc.

We help brands, retailers, manufacturers reduce risk, improve quality and meet all relevant regulatory requirements in different regions and markets.

Testing Services

  • Physical Test:
    • Tensile Strength
    • Pilling Resistance
    • Abrasion Resistance
  • Washing Test:
    • Dimensional Stability to Washing
  • Colorfastness Test:
    • CF to Washing
    • CF to Rubbing
    • CF to Water
    • CF to Perspiration
    • CF to Saliva
  • Safety Test:
    • Flammability
    • CPSIA Lead, Phthalates
    • Drawstring
    • Attachment Strength
    • Use and Abuse

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