Certification Process for Product Certification

Step 1 : Pre-audit inspection (Optional)
An independent audit of your product certification system before the commencement of the initial certification process.
Step 2 : Initial Audit
An initial inspection of the concrete batching plant and the production control is performed by a qualified inspector. The purpose is to determine whether prerequisites are in place, in terms of staff and equipment for production and for corresponding production control. To provide confidence in the results of the production control, spot tests are performed by the inspector in parallel to those of the producers. Certification is granted after successful closure of any outstanding issues. The certification has a validity period of three years.
Step 3 : Routine Audit
After the certification is awarded, routine inspection is performed at a frequency of twice a year to assess whether the prerequisites for production and agreed production control are maintained. Spot tests are also performed during this inspection.
Step 4 : Extraordinary Audit
An extraordinary inspection is performed if severe discrepancies are detected during a routine inspection or if there has been no production for a period of more than six months. The inspection may also be performed if there are changes in the production conditions or upon a request from us with due justification
Step 5 : Re-certification Audit
Once every three years, a re-inspection on the full system will take place to replace the routine inspection. The certificate will be renewed for another three years if the inspection is successful.
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