ISCC PLUS Certification

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The ISCC PLUS certification system is a voluntary certification and is an independent third-party verification system. Applicable to the biofuels market outside the EU as well as to bioenergy, food, feed, chemicals, all types of agricultural and forestry raw materials, waste and residues, non-biotic renewable energy and recyclable carbon materials and fuels, as well as in the supply chain, such as farming, harvesting, processing, storage, transport and sales.

Scope of application

  • Circular and biological products
  • renewable energy
  • foodstuff
  • fodder
  • Biofuels outside the EU (i.e. markets not regulated by RED and FQD).

ISCC PLUS certification can help you:

  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory frameworks (e.g. EU Green Deal), national laws and industry-driven initiatives
  • Declare your product’s carbon footprint to help reduce GHG emissions
  • Support the protection of forests and biodiversity
  • Trace your sustainability efforts across your supply chain
  • Make realistic and verifiable claims
  • Demonstrate good corporate governance for better environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance
  • Increase sustainability ranking to access credits and loans, and improve ESG ratings on the stock market and attractiveness to investors
  • Access new markets and displace established (fossil fuel) products with recycled or bio-based products
  • Meet customer expectations through sustainably produced products

Who is it for?

Organizations and raw material suppliers, producers and brand owners that deal with:

  • Agricultural and forestry biomass
  • Bio-based waste and residues from agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and processing industries
  • Fossil waste and residues for the circular economy
  • Renewable energy

It covers all industrial applications, including chemicals, packaging, plastics, food, feed and energy.

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