Health, Safety and Wellness Assessment for Projects (HSWAP)

Ensure the safety and welfare of your staff, visitors, third parties and clients

Every enterprise has a responsibility to fulfil its duty to prioritize the protection of its employees. Prioritizing health and safety in the workplace is not only an obligation but also a moral responsibility.

It is important to maintain a safe working environment to ensure the protection of employees, visitors, and customers.

The significance of workplace health and safety

The increasing number of workplace injuries in Singapore highlights the growing importance of prioritizing health and safety in the workplace. The average number of total workplace injuries was recorded at 12,656 from 2018 to 2022 according to Workplace Safety and Health Report 2022 released by Ministry of Manpower.

It is the responsibility of companies to ensure the safety of their employees, which can lead to increased productivity and improved product quality.

TheWorkplace Safety and Health Act

The Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) is a legislation in Singapore that sets out the requirements for workplace safety and health. The WSHA was enacted in 2006 to consolidate and streamline workplace safety and health regulations into a single framework.

Under the WSHA, employers are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their employees at work. The Act requires employers to identify and assess workplace hazards, implement control measures to eliminate or minimize the risks associated with those hazards, and provide training to employees on workplace safety and health.

The WSHA also establishes the roles and responsibilities of other stakeholders, such as employees, contractors, and manufacturers. It sets out the penalties for non-compliance with workplace safety and health regulations, which may include fines, imprisonment, or both.

Overall, the Workplace Safety and Health Act is aimed at promoting a safe and healthy workplace environment in Singapore and protecting the well-being of workers.

Ensure compliance to regulations and standards for health and safety.

The workplace and the physical environment have a significant impact on the health, well-being, morale, and productivity of employees, contractors, and visitors. As a result, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of addressing the challenges associated with ensuring that their workplaces and environments are safe, healthy, and compliant with all relevant regulations.

GICG’s independent assessment for project sites by health and safety experts

GICG can assist your organization in maintaining compliance with applicable regulations on your projects, mitigating the possibility of legal action, avoiding expensive legal proceedings, and maximizing your investment in compliance matters. This assistance will also boost your corporate image as you showcase your dedication to health and safety concerns.


Projects will be rigorously assessed through a stringent criterion comprising of more than 50 compliance points developed by our health and safety experts.


Our assessment will cover the following areas:

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Individual Health & Safety
  • Resource Management
  • Monitoring Activities
  • Wellness Initiatives


Projects will be awarded with a ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ award based on their performance.

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