Supply Chain Security Management System,
ISO 28000

About Supply Chain Security Management System,
ISO 28000

Recent threats and incidents relating supply chains and COVID pandemic unravel the critical need for organisations to secure their supply chains to prevent risks.

ISO 28000 establishes a security system that will protect people, goods, infrastructure, equipment, and transportation against security incidents and other potentially devastating situations. Its objective is to improve the security of supply chains.

ISO 28000 enables organizations to establish an overall supply chain security management system that requires:

  • assessing the security environment in which it operates
  • determining if adequate security measures are in place
  • complying with regulatory requirements
  • implementing mechanisms and processes to meet identified security needs
  • managing multiple supply chains to meet governmental or customers’ supply chain security standards as a condition of being included in their supply chain.

Why it matters

ISO 28000 provides a framework for a security management system that:

  • improve the overall security of supply chains.
  • helps facilitate trade and the transport of goods across borders.
  • can contribute directly to the business capability and credibility of the organization

Implementing and maintaining a certified ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management brings to organisations:

  • Improved confidence and trust with customers and stakeholders.
  • Enhanced credibility and brand recognition. Stronger customer satisfaction.
  • Greater compliance with other official trade and supply chain processes, like EU-AEO; C-PAT.
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