Security and resilience – Organisational resilience,
ISO 22316

About Security and resilience – Organisational resilience,
ISO 22316

Organisational resilience is the ability of an organisation to absorb and adapt in a changing environment. ISO 22316 establishes the principles for organizational resilience, by identifying, adopting and evaluating attributes and activities that support and enhance an organization’s resilience.

ISO 22316 is not a certifiable standard. Its focus is on principles, attributes, and activities that support an organisation in enhancing its resilience. As an international standard, it provides guidance to improve organizational resilience regardless the size and type of public or private organizations, and does not specify the industry or sector.

Why it matters

Globalization, digitisation, and new developments bring major challenges for organizations. Identifying risks associated with changing industry dynamics and preparing to cope with unforeseen crises demand a holistic, multi-discipline organisational resilience.

An enhanced organizational resilience contributes to:

  • Gaining better understanding and ability to anticipate and address risks and vulnerabilities.
  • increasing capacity to adapt and respond rapidly to unforeseen events
  • improving unity and performance with seamless coordination and integration of management practices and disciplines.
  • Increasing confidence of customers and stakeholders with reduce costs and increase efficiency with risks reduction and understanding of dependencies of interested parties, customers and stakeholders.
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