Product Carbon Footprint, ISO 14067

About Product Carbon Footprint, ISO 14067

ISO 14067 specifies the principles, requirements, and guidelines for the quantifying and communicating the carbon footprint of products and services (CFPS). It covers Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and removals over the life cycle of a product.

ISO 14067 provides the criteria to calculate the Carbon Footprint of a Product, based on product’s life cycle analysis. This provides valuable information on which stage of the product’s life cycle is responsible for most of the emissions and to identify opportunities for emissions reduction and removals.

In quantifying CFPS, ISO 14067 clarifies the GHG assessments, provides requirements in the life cycle assessment, defining system boundaries and simulating use and end of life phases of a product.

Why it matters

Carbon footprint is increasingly used as a protective environmental strategy among companies to differentiate their products and services. The ability to objectively communicate this measurement is important.

Implementing and complying to the ISO 14067 makes a valuable contribution to  the objective communication with its standardized template for reporting CFPS assessments.

Implementing the standard, organisations demonstrate:

  • Their environmental responsibility,
  • increases customers’ trust on their CFPS assessment, and their products’ labelling.
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