Environmental Management System, ISO 14001

About Environmental Management System, ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a generic management system standard, suitable for implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) by organisations looking for improving resource efficiency, wastes reduction and to reduce operational costs.

ISO 14001 defines criteria for an EMS, providing a framework for organisations to set up a robust EMS to follow and focus on the improvement of environmental performance and the environmental impact of the organisations’ life cycle and their supply chain.

Why it matters

Certifying to the ISO 14001 provides organisations with a maintained systematic framework, to manage immediate and long-term environmental impacts of their products, processes and services.

With the ISO 14001 certification of their EMS, organisations can:

  • Assure customers and stakeholders that their EMS meets industry-specific and international environmental standards,
  • Achieve higher conformance with regulatory and legislative requirements, that their environmental impact is measured and improved, reducing environmental liability risks, bringing resource efficiency and economic benefits to organisations
  • Enhance public perceptions of their products, for long-term viability of their business.
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