Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd. Attains HACCP Certification by GICG Cambodia

Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd, a leading and reliable restaurant food service provider founded in 1997 in Cambodia has achieved HACCP Certification – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points of food safety control system certified by Guardian Independent Certification Ltd (GICG), a world leading independent conformity assessment body.

(Seen in the picture: Mr. Goh Jock Koon, GICG Cambodia and the President of Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd)

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety that helps identify potential food safety hazards in food production, processing, and distribution, and provides a framework for controlling these hazards to ensure that food is safe for consumption.

The HACCP system involves seven Critical Control Points (CCPs) which are created to reduce or eliminate the risks. HACCP is now widely adopted by food and beverage companies around the world as a fundamental part of their food safety management systems. By implementing a HACCP program, food and beverage companies can demonstrate their commitment to producing safe, high-quality products and can also benefit from increased productivity and efficiency.

Mr. Goh Jock Koon, GICG Cambodia, presents Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd with the HACCP certificate at the award ceremony located at Phnom Penh. The President of Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd received the certificate. This achievement demonstrates Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd’s commitment to comply with internationally fundamental standards of food safety management system. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Goh congratulated and highly appreciated Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd’s determination in quality management and production optimization along their supply chain, thereby bringing products of good quality to their customers.

As seen in the photo: Mr. Goh Jock Koon, GICG Cambodia and the management team of Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd.

Master Suki Soup was rigorously assessed by GICG’s auditors in their initial audits to ensure compliance with the HACCP seven basic principles. It was concluded that Master Suki Soup policies, processes, and other controls as defined in its HACCP plans were practical and efficient to be recommended for certification.

Mr. Goh, GICG Cambodia added that “We are very pleased to have supported Master Suki Soup in its HACCP certification journey. This certification attests its commitment to achieve greater control over their food processes, reduce the risk of food contamination and recalls, and improve product quality and consistency. With more than a quarter of a century of experience in providing world class risk management solutions to our clients, GICG is committed to Enabling Trust in a Changing World.”

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Established in the United Kingdom in 1993, GICG provides internationally recognised testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services. Today, our global presence spans five continents, and we operate with competence, commitment, and passion to deliver confidence and excellence for clients, customers, and communities.

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About Master Suki Soup Co., Ltd

Founded in 1997 and having served the best hot pot of suki soup in Cambodia for more than 20 years, we aim to be the most favored, trusted, and standard leading food service group and food taste for our customers.

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