Toy Testing for Your Kids

Did you know?

Did you know that toys which are meant to provide joy and entertainment for your children contain lots of hidden hazards?

Children’s behaviour and play patterns are always unpredictable.Due to their intended audience, children’s toys must comply with complex and strict regulations before they can be imported and sold in most global markets.

At GICG, we not only check each toy for mechanical safety hazards that might be present in its normal use, but also subject it to reasonable foreseeable abuse, according to the intended age group, to uncover hidden hazards.

In general, abuse tests fall into the following categories, namely:

Impact Test
Stimulates how the product is dropped from a height, such as when a child drops or throws the toy.

 Torque Test
Mimics what happens when a toy is pulled or twisted by a child.

 Tension Test
Simulates the child pulling components of toys they can grab.

Compression Test
Simulates constant force applied or pressed to the toy.

Mechanical and Physical Tests
All toys are evaluated for safety hazards before and after the above abuse tests.

Among the most common safety hazards in toys are:

  • Choking hazard due to small parts that can break off or are easily swallowed,
  • Laceration hazard from sharp edges and
  • Puncture hazard due to sharp points.

In addition to mechanical safety, toys are also tested for flammability safety, which is a greater concern in countries with a lot of open flames in the home. Additionally, chemical safety is a high priority requirement as technology advancements enable us to detect low concentrations of harmful substances in toys, and scientific studies have discovered additional substances that are harmful to children.

GICG has the capability to provide a wide range of testing services for compliance to multiple international requirements and regulations, such ASTM F963, BS EN 71 series, ISO 8124 series and Age Grade Determination (CPSC, EU and ISO) for toys. We are also ready to assist partners in preparing for complex product certification procedures such as EU Toys Safety Directive (CE Mark).

Our laboratories and test are conducted in compliance with international standards and any other standards required by the local authority.

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