Guardian Independent Certification appointed as certification body for inaugural national Cyber Safe Trust and Essentials mark

Singapore’s journey towards being a Smart Nation and Digital Economy will bring about an increase rise in cyber risks. As a centre for business and innovation hub, good cybersecurity practices are essential to help organisations digitalise safely. The inaugural Cyber Trust and Essentials marks – launched by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) today – recognise enterprises that are committed to good cybersecurity practices.

Guardian Independent Certification, referred to as GICG, is one of the first two organisations that have been appointed by CSA to assess and certify enterprises applying for the Cyber Trust and Essentials. GICG was appointed by CSA as a certification body because it has a proven track record in cyber security and information technology and with more than 29 years of experience in certification.

The Cyber Trust mark is intended for enterprises that have gone beyond cyber hygiene. It serves as a mark of distinction that the organisation has put in place good cybersecurity practices and measures that commensurate with their cybersecurity risk profile. GICG will evaluate the submission of risk assessment and perform the relevant on-site technical audit and verification on the areas specified in the framework. Cyber Essentials recognises enterprises that have put in place good cyber hygiene measures to protect their operations and customers against common cyber-attacks. It is developed based on a model of self-assessment. GICG will evaluate the self-assessment submissions through a desktop validation.

Mr. Martyn Chew, CEO and founder of GICG: “While most businesses have adopted cyber security measures, the SG Cyber Safe Cyber Trust and Cyber Essentials marks go a step further in ensuring that businesses meet the baseline of good cybersecurity practices. We are proud to be a part of this initiative developed by CSA to help businesses reduce cybersecurity risks and protect their businesses.”

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