Did you know? Happy World Sleep Day

A person’s sleep can be affected by stress, illness, lifestyle, working hours, nutrition, exercise habits, and the quality of their bed.

Happy World Sleep Day
18 March 2022

Slogan for World Sleep Day 2022: Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World

Sleep is a biological necessity for human survival, like food, water, and air. A global epidemic of sleep disorders that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population has made sleep quality one of the key determinants of a person’s health. Sleep continuity is also an important factor in ensuring quality sleep in addition to sufficient sleep. An individual’s sleep quality can be compromised by constant worrying, which disrupts sleep patterns. This, in turn, can contribute to several adverse health conditions, such as weight gain and obesity, diabetes and metabolism, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive dysfunction, and mental

Having the confidence that your bed and mattresses at home are safe for you and your family will put your mind at ease. GICG is here to provide you with the technical advice and testing programs you need to understand and comply with the multitude of safety standards across the globe that target the safety aspects of beds and
mattresses. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • ASTM F2933 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Crib Mattresses
  • ASTM F1427 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bunk Beds
  • BS EN 16890 Children’s furniture. Mattresses for cots and cribs. Safety requirements and test methods
  • BS EN 1725 Domestic furniture. Beds and mattresses. Safety requirements and test methods
  • BS EN 747 Furniture. Bunk beds and high beds – Test methods

Additionally to looking at the safety aspects, GICG can offer our assistance in targeting the comfort and durability characteristics of bedding products, such as air permeability, moisture management, abrasion resistance, and colourfastness.

Learn more about bed testing: https://gicgrp.com/testing-item/hardline/
Or email us at services.sg@gicgrp.com

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